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Filling out your first timecard

Welcome to our online timesheet system!  In order to log in to the system, you should have received an email with your log in information.  If you have not received this email please reach out to your recruiter directly.

Click on the link in the email.  This will bring you to a log in screen:


Enter your username and password from the email. 

This will log into the system.

If you forgot your password, please click on the “Forgot Password” hyperlink.  This will reset you password and an email will be sent to you with your new password.

To enter in your time:


In order to create a new timesheet you must select the week, or month, that you need to submit hours for and create a new timesheet.   Click on the week in the calendar to select the correct week. 

You have the option to:

  • Create a Blank Timesheet 

  • Copy Previous Timesheet

  • Create a 40 Hour Worked Timesheet

  • Create a No Hours Timesheet


Select the timesheet you would like to create, click “Create” and enter your hours for the week.

Once you enter in the first block of time for that selected day, you can add additional blocks for the same day by clicking on the “Add Block” button.  Once all of your time has been entered for the timesheet period, make sure to hit the “Submit” button on the bottom of the page.    

Once you hit that submit button at the bottom of the page, the timesheet status will update to “Submitted”.  This is located in the upper right portion of your screen.  An email will also be sent to your manger alerting them your timesheet has been submitted.

You will receive an email once your timesheet has been approved.  In the event that your timesheet is rejected, you will receive an email alerting you to adjust your time.


Time can be entered on a daily basis.  If you prefer to enter time this way, simply enter the hours for the day and exit out of the system.  The hours are automatically saved.


If you should have any questions, online help is always available at:

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