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Projects, temporary assignments, seasonal work, contract-to-hire, and contract employees can be difficult and expensive to manage.
We can help.​
HR Services

Payroll Services

Since we do not offer recruiting services, we will never poach your employees like many staffing firms.  We do not charge the high cost involved with recruiting services. 


We simply become the Employer-of-Record for your contractors, provide all of the HR and Payroll services and charge you a low markup for each assignment.


Since we are the Employer-of-Record, we provide pre-employment background screening, on-boarding services (including signing any documents you may require), we track employee performance and problems, off-boarding for when projects are completed or for terminations, all benefits services and payroll services to the employee. 


We also W2 all of our contract employees (unless 1099 is requested).

As each of our contract employees are on W2, we pay FICA, social security and Medicare on each of them.  We also cover worker's compensation insurance and unemployment insurance costs, as well as disability where required.  

Each of our contract employees are also covered under our insurance policies that cover crime, errors and omissions and general liability up to 5 million dollars.

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