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Dollar Bills

Contract to HIRE

Most staffing firms will offer a contract-to-hire option when you are looking to fill a permanent role.  This gives you the flexibility of trying the person out before making a commitment, and spreading out the high cost of staffing firms over a contract period.  Usually this requires a minimum length of contract and/or conversion fees that must be paid upon bringing on the individual permanently.

With Intermountain Technology Services, you can use this contract-to-hire model in many more hiring situations, without the high cost of a staffing firm.  You recruit for and find qualified people to do the work, we payroll this person during the contract phase.  As they are on our payroll, we remain responsible for unemployment insurance and workers compensation insurance, FICA, social security and medicare expenses, as well as health insurance costs.  All at a very low cost to you.  And we never charge a conversion fee or have any minimum contract length requirements.

Saving Money 

Intermountain Technology Services has been in the staffing industry since 2011.  Having functioned as a specialized staffing firm and an employer-of-record, we have noticed that our clients really focus on one thing: saving money on employment needs.

Since we do not recruit employees for our clients, our goal is to provide a high level of customer service and satisfaction, a good experience for all contract employees that we employ, provide a worry and hassle-free process for our clients, all at the lowest cost possible.



Long Term Contractors

If you employ contractors for long periods of times through staffing firms, you are being ripped off.  Staffing firms make a lot of money on placing people in jobs, and they should.  It is difficult finding the right people for the right position.  But staffing firm's contracts are built to make all of their profit in the first six months of the assignment, or less.  When a contractor works beyond that time frame, staffing firms can double, triple or make tens of times more money off of that placement for no additional work.

Take those long term contractors and convert them to Intermountain Technology Services to save thousands.  We can, in many cases, help cover the conversion cost as well!


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