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Intermountain Technology Services is an Employer-of-Record services firm that provides employment needs for clients all across the country.

When you have need to employ contract, temporary or project individuals and do not want to pay exorbitant fees charged by traditional staffing firms, give us a call.


We provide on-boarding and off-boarding, timecard and payroll management, expense reimbursements, HR services, benefits and tax requirements.  You identify the contractor, we handle the rest as W2 employees of Intermountain Technology Services, all at a very low cost to you.  In most cases, this cost is lower than the cost to employ these individuals full-time.

Intermountain Technology Services performs pre-employment background screenings, we handle unemployment and worker's compensation insurance, and we focus on the HR needs so you can focus on getting the work done.

Contact us today and see how we can save you money in your staffing needs!



How Much Money can I Save?
  • When you need to hire for projects, or in temporary to hire situations, the costs can be very high, but not with Intermountain Technology Services.  There are three traditional ways to fill these needs when you have special projects to complete:

    • Outsourcing​

      • Drawback include losing management control, problems with quality, hidden costs and legal problems, loss of confidentiality, communication problems​

    • Recruiting Firms

      • Drawbacks include high cost, including recurring costs, contract requirements and process requirements from the agency

    • Using Full-Time employees

      • Drawbacks include high cost of internal employees (full benefits, paid time off, etc), burning out core staff​, thinning of your workforce on day to day work

    • With Intermountain Technology Services:

      • You remain in control of your projects. The contract workers report to you and work onsite. 

      • Our costs are much less than staffing firms, usually less than half of what they charge.  We have no contract minimum lengths or conversion fees. 

      • The cost of on-boarding a contractor through us is usually less than the cost of hiring this individual directly, and doesn't require adding unnecessary headcount.

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